Home of the lower cable rate.

Vantage Video Systems would like to welcome you to the home of the lower cable rate. During your residency we would like to provide you with our audience orientated cable television service.Vantage Video will provide you with many channels of veiwing pleasure including HBO, Showtime, HBO Signature, HBO2, action Max, Cinemax, TMC, Starz! Westerns, TCM, Encore, AMC, Starz!, and many more for only $37.35 a month. By comparison, other services in the Houston metropolitan area charge considerably more for our channels, without the premium channels. Subscribers with ATSC or (digital)DTV ready devices may receive the channels marked digital. These channels will often be designated by the original channel followed by the sub-channel ie. KPRC's HD1080i simulcast is located on sub-channel 1 so its designation would be 2.1, in some cases the rebroadcast channel is carried over as the original channel, ie. if this occurs, JCTV's designation may be 84.3.There is a one time $20.00 installation fee, and a $30.00 non-sufficient funds charge on all returned cheques, and a money order is required for your first payment. Vantage Video will supply the coaxial cables to connect your television(s) to the appropriate outlet(s). All cable outlets within the unit will be connected upon installation. No converters or converter charges are necessary. All channels subject to change at any time and without warning.