San Marcos Channel Chart
Guia de Television Para Cable

02. NBC

03. STZ

04. CW39

05. HISE

06. FOX

07. BET

08. PBS

09. DSCE

10. My20

11. CBS

12. HBO

13. ABC

14. ESPN

15. UNI

16. DSC

17. CN

18. TNT

19. CNNE

20. GV

21. USA

22. TEL

23. KZJL

24. TuV

25. Spike

26. SciFi

San Marcos would like to welcome you to the home of free cable service. During your residency we will provide you with our audience orientated cable service for free! San Marcos will provide you with many channels of viewing plesure including: Galavision, Cartoon Network, ESPN, HBO, Starz, and many more channels as part of your service. By comparison to other apartment complex locations you will not find such a service offered any where but here at San Marcos. You must have a cable ready television and be a resident of San Marcos to receive this service. All participating apartments will only have one outlet, located in the livingroom, connected If you wish to have additional outlets a $45.00 charge per outlet must be paid to the service technition upon installation. If you wish to hook up additional televisions splitters and wire are avaliable. If you compare other services cable, satellite dish, or other bulk services we beat them hands down. Please note all channels subject to change without notice. Make sure your television is set to standard(STD) cable and use your remote or autoprogram features to set up your bulk service. So sit back relax and enjoy your bulk cable service.

Los apartamentos San Marcos tienen el gusto de a nunciarles la exclusiva inaguracion especial y oficial del servicio de cable gratis para todos los apartamentos. Algunos de los canales que tendran. Aporte de otros que son: including: Galavision, Cartoon Network, ESPN, HBO, Starz, etc. etc. Como usario: debe tener un televisor que sea "cable ready" conecte el cable "coaxial" del televisor a la coneccion del cable que esta en la pared. Usando su control remoto progrmelo para "cable y automatico". Tendran solo una coneccion en la si quieren otra coneccion televisor sala $45.00. Observacion la alineacion de canales puede cambiar sin aviso. Ahore si disfute de este gran entretenimiento gratis que le ofrece San Marcos a sus residentes.

Service / Servicio
(713)981-9192 or (281)820-4662