El lugar ideal para la televisión por cable.
The ideal site for watching cable television.
Just $38.00(your first month) + $22.00(installation fee) = $60.00 to start your service
Solamente $38.00(tu primer mes) + $22.00(instalación) = $60.00 para comenzar tu servicio

02. IFC

03. HBO

04. AMC

05. CW

06. My20

07. FOX

08. PBS

09. FX

10. DSC

11. CBS

12. SCI

13. ABC

14. Enc A

15. OXY

16. DIS

17. CNN

18. TNT

19. beIN

20. TBS

21. MTV

22. LMN

23. we

24. AHC

25. scifi

26. SPK

27. tv-1

28. NIC

29. NBC

30. CN

31. Root

32. LIF

33. E!

34. VICE

35. KFTH

36. beIN

37. TLC

38. VH1

39. ENC

40. ESPN

41. NFL

42. BET

43. HBOf

44. A&E

45. ion

46. SHO

47. NGC

48. ESPNd

49. M2

50. STZ

51. UNI

52. FOXd

53. mundo

54. TEL

55. AZA

56. meTV

57. HBOL

58. ESN2

59. FNC

60. Pop

61. BRV

62. Food

63. USA

64. Starz B

Family Video Systems would like to welcome you to the home of the lower cable rate. During your residency we would like to provide you with our audience orientated cable television service. Family Video will provide you with many channels of veiwing pleasure including HBO, starz, Showtime, encore, Disney, HBO Family, ESPN and many more for only $38.00 a month. By comparison, other services in the Houston metropolitan area charge considerably more for our channels, without the premium channels. There is a one time $22.00 installation fee, and a $30.00 non-sufficient funds charge on all returned cheques, and a money order is required for your first payment. Family Video will supply the coaxial cables to connect your television(s) to the appropriate outlet(s). All cable outlets within the unit will be connected upon installation. No converters or converter charges are necessary. All channels subject to change at any time and without warning.

Family Video le da la bienvenida al sistema de cable más barato. Durante su permanecia en su residencia le proreeremos del servicio de cable. The Family Video le dará el servicio de cable con los canales de primera como HBO Latino, Cine Latino, CNN en espanol, Discovery en espanol, Galavision, ESPN Deportes, Fox Sports en espanol, Telemundo, Telefutura, Univision, Tu Vision, Telefurma, y más por solo $38.00 por mes. En comparacion conotras servicio de cable en el area metropalitona de Houston que no incluye los canales de primera solo basico. Solo hoy un pago inicial de instalación de $22.00. Por cheques sin, fondo $30.00 su primero pago deberá realizarse en 'Money Order'. La empresa Family Video le proveerá los cables coaxiales. Para conectar su televisión. Los canales estan subjectos a camibio sin prerio ariso.

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Family Video
P.O. Box 670873
Houston, Tx. 77267-0873


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